our story

A Tale of Two Blue Peas

My name is Cyndie and I am the beaming parent of Two Blue Peas.

When I heard Two Blue Peas needed a new home, I knew it was calling my name. My long-standing dream to own my own business, a passion for all things nurturing, and a huge heart for all little ones made Two Blue Peas perfect for me. These things combined with some encouraging nudges from my husband, led me to write the next chapter of Two Blue Peas, and ultimately the start of something new for my already grown family.

My years of experience in the corporate world have been extremely good to me but left me wanting something more personally … something I could call my own. With the support and devotion from my husband, kids and extended family, I have been able to continue the incredible growth and success of Two Blue Peas.

In spring of 2020, we decided to expand our online family, we adopted The Crazy Dazy. Talk about beaming parents. It was a perfect fit for us. Both stores had a niche in personalizing items with crazy good reviews and reputations. The Crazy Dazy product offerings focused on toddlers, dancers and gymnasts. Our hearts are full, we love our new "crazy" customers.

We have been blessed with years of growth and good fortune. Through this growth has come a bigger warehouse, more embroidery machines, additional people that make sure your items arrive just as you ordered them and with a ton of tender loving care. My husband has now joined the ranks as accountant, website guru and company janitor. Lol. We must keep him happy as he is a very important member of the team.

The reason we are so successful you ask? We offer great products, operate on a personal level and know what it takes to make a great online experience. You are the most important part of your experience - we want to make it perfect for you!

This is my passion and helping you find the perfect baby gift is my joy. Thanks so very much for shopping with us. And please don’t be a stranger. If you have a suggestion for a product, product line or you need help with anything, just drop us an email or give us a ring! I can be reached at 262-388-7037 or e-mail me at info@twobluepeas.com.

Wishing You the Best of Everything,


P.S. Dreams do come true!