Douglas Princess Noa Sshlumpie Lovey


Dreams of royalty starts with these sweet BBF! Her understuffed body and pastel colors will make your little dreamer a perfect BFF. Featuring the most luxurious soft fabrics, this Douglas princess Sshlumpie will keep your little coming back for more cuddles. Airbrushed facial accents and embroidered embellishments add character to this lovable sweet doll. These adorable blankies make unique, personalized baby gifts when embroidered with a name or monogram. Don't forget to order a spare to avoid lost lovie emergencies!

Features of this plush princess lovey include:

  • Pale pink, white, blonde hair
  • 19" long lovie with plush princess head, embroidered eyes
  • Glittery gold crown, shoes and embroidered stars
  • 100% polyester fiber
  • Machine washable
  • NOTE: Area for embroidery is 4". Font will be small for long names. We don't recommend the times, dottie or teddy bear fonts on this item
  • Gift wrap and rush order fulfillment options are available
  • Personalizing? View our font and thread color options for Product Personalization!!
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