Personalized Pink Elephant Baby Gift Set
Personalized Pink Elephant Baby Gift Set
Personalized Douglas Pink Elephant Sshlumpie Lovey
Angel Dear Foliage Bamboo Swaddle Blanket
Wubbanub Pink Elephant Soothie Pacifier

Pea-essential Pink Elephant Sshlumpie Gift Set

Enjoy an enormous "win" when buying this gift set that contains a Douglas pink elephant Sshlumpie, bamboo swaddle, and wubbanub. An extra smart gift bundle when you buy all three matching pieces together! Monogram or embroider the lovie for a unique, personalized welcome-to-the-world baby gift. And it makes a great baby shower gift!

This gift set includes the following matching pink elephant baby lovey, wubbanub pacifier and swaddle items:

  • Pink/ivory Sshlumpie sloth blankie: 19" unstuffed stuffed animal with plush head
  • Angel Dear Foliage bamboo swaddle blanket: 47" 47"
  • Wubbanub sloth soothie pacifier
  • All are machine washable
  • Gift wrapping and rush order fulfillment is available
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