Teddykompaniet Lion Baby Comforter Lovey


Only the best for the little king of your pride. This ultra-soft lion security blanket from Teddykompaniet is perfect for nuzzling at naptime, squeezing at strollertime, and adoring anytime. Personalize this lion with a name, monogram or birth date for a unique baby gift. Don't forget to order a spare to avoid lost lovey emergencies!

Features of this lion baby lovey include:

  • Light brown/tan/white minky fabric, light brown mane
  • Embroidered mouth, eyes and whiskers with chocolate colored thread
  • Tan ultra soft minky fabric on backside, light brown minky trim
  • 14" x 14" square lovey with plush lion head in center
  • Made with 100% cozy plush polyester fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Approved and CE marked according to EN71. This means that all products are child safe.
  • Personalizing? View our font and thread color options for Product Personalization!! (we recommend the Animation font for this item)
  • Gift wrap and rush order fulfillment options are available
  • Feel free to enter a custom gift message during checkout
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